Professional Development: Job Searches

About a month ago, there was a question on the EMP LinkedIn page that got a lot of responses. “Where can I find good museum job boards?” It makes the rounds every once in a while, but this time it made me realize that we haven’t addressed the topic here yet. Today’s post will be short and simple, with a list of as many job boards as we know of. Links will take you directly to the job board of the organization listed. You’re of course welcome to post additional ones in the comments, and we’ll add them to the official list so everyone can see them!




United States  (primarily)


US Regional


Note: we are not listing the State boards for now. But we encourage people to look up the job boards associated with each State museum association.

5 thoughts on “Professional Development: Job Searches

  1. It can cost a lot of money to post on some of these boards, so many museums only post the most high paying jobs. When I did my job search last year I found it more beneficial to check every museum’s own website for job postings.

    • I do the same thing Alexa. I spent some time finding the employment pages of about 20 local museums, and then I saved all the tabs in one bookmarks folder. Now I can just click on a folder called “job postings” and all the tabs open up!

  2. The Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums ( also has job postings. The postings are free for ALHFAM’s institutional members, so the postings are not necessarily limited to higher-paying positions.

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